• (August 24, 2021) The Pantouris group published a paper: "The N-terminus of MIF Regulates the Dynamic Profile of Residues Involved in CD74 Activation" in Biophysical Journal on August 24, 2021. Mike is a co-author.
  • (August 17, 2021) Secillia presented at the Stauffer Research Symposium at the University of the Pacific.
  • (April 14, 2020) Our first paper on Thermal Dissociation Molecular Dynamics (TDMD): "Observation of Magic Number Clusters from Thermal Dissociation Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Lithium Formate Ionic Clusters" has been published in J. Phys. Chem. A!

Group members

C. Michael McCallum, Professor of Chemistry
Ms. Secillia Tram (M.S. student at Pacific)

Past Members

Andrew Parkins (M.S. Candidate now working with George Pantouris)
Jincheng Zhang (B.S. student; visiting from Beijing Normal University)
Mr. Wei Zhang (Ph.D. 2018)
Mr. Ferdiemar Guinto (M.S. 2017)
Ms. Erin Lee (B.S. Student)
Devin Duong (B.S. Biochemistry Student)
Samantha Baker (U.C. Davis Bioengineering class of 2022)


SMD of Folding events
MD of ESI Droplets
Thermodynamics of water bridges in protein folding