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Coupled Cluster
X-ray Photoelectron
X-ray Spectroscopy
Electron Dynamics

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This group is dedicated to a fundamental understanding of the nature of electron correlation.

Projects include developing efficient, high-accuracy wavefunction-based methods for large systems, studying the x-ray spectroscopy of solids (static) and isolated molecules (time-resolved), and investigating the fundamentals of correlated electronic dynamics. All of these projects should culminate in better understanding of chemical reactions, including energy and electron transfer, particularly in the condensed phase and at interfaces.

      N E W S
6Jun2020:Happy to be collaborator on recently accepted article by the Pallipuram group at UOP
10Apr2020:Had a great time doing a virtual tour of Chemistry for 1st graders at Kohl Open School!
11Mar2020:COVID-19 claims another victim: my seminar at San Francisco State :-(
14Nov2019:Another great evening with grade- and high-school kids at SJCOE's “Dinner with a Scientist”